Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Sadness

To describe sadness is to describe colours beyond their words,
For everyone knows what it refers to,
But to describe it in detail is near damn impossible,
For green is green and blue is blue,
The words are limited in their description,
It cannot go beyond what is denoted by those words alone,
Oh how I wish I could explain what sadness is to me though,
For maybe the explanation of it could ease me of its burden,
Remove what has laid waste to my garden,
It is a mess,
And though I try my best,
You are a plague that I cannot force out,
Cause no matter how much I wanted to push you out,
Secretly my heart hopes that you would be with me throughout,
Time, space, distance,
Any sort of spatial differences,
It wouldn’t matter,
As long as we are together,
But no!
You are a dream that I must no longer remember,
An infestation of weed in my garden that I must not let fester,
Though to do that is what is killing me,
For my garden has already been consumed by weed,
And to pull it all out will leave nothing in it,
It will be void of any vegetation,
Just an empty lot devoid of life,
And the process will kill my every being,
My soul will scream indignantly,
My body will convulse violently,
My heart crushed entirely,
My brain burned out indefinitely,
This is dear, my sadness,
Destroying my only source of happiness. 

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