Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'd just like to get this out.
If you hate mushy stuff, close this page. NOW.

You were my first love.
I gave my heart to you for you to keep.
But you broke it and throw it away.

It hurt so bad.
The pain felt like it would stay forever, but I embraced it.
I guess it's the only way to prove that my love was real.
The only way to stay connected to you.

But I know it's not good for me, so I tried to forget you.
But like they say;
You can miss someone who died, you can miss someone who moved away. But the worst is having to miss someone you see everyday.

Damn it, it seemed impossible.
It's as if I'd be stuck like this forever.
It feels like a curse.
Because of this, I haven't even LIKED a single girl since then.

But now, when I don't see you every single day, finally, you were no longer what haunts my mind.
I am free.

I don't blame you.
I don't blame myself either.
It just didn't work out.
We were never meant to be.
But I don't regret going out with you.
You are one of the major things that made me who I am today.

I don't love you anymore.
I don't think I even like you.
But I don't hate you.
I just feel.. neutral.

Just found out that you were going out with someone else.
I didn't know what to feel.
So I looked at your facebook wall, see how you were excited about the guy the way you never did with me.
It made me smile.
You're happy. That's all that matters.

I wish you well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The holidays

Yeah, it's been like what, MONTHS since I wrote a post?
You guys must've been wondering why I've been quiet for awhile. (okay, even if you don't give a shit, for the sake of this posting, I'm gonna pretend that you do)
Well, that'because nothing REMOTELY interesting happened at all during my one month break.
A few stuff did happen but it wasn't interesting enough nor post worthy, so I jumbled them all up in a list on this post.
So here you go.

1) Went to renew my I.C. Found out my left thumbprint and right thumbprint are not identical.
How cool is that?

2) I watched 5 movies at the cinema.
a) RED
*Old people kicks ass. AWESOME!
b) Dinner for Schmucks
*Weird but fun

c) The other guys
*Totally hilarious

d) You again
*Mehh. Just your usual rom com.

e) Megamind 3D
*Unexpectedly enjoyable

3) Scott Pilgrim vs The World screening was cancelled so FUCK TGV or GSC or anyone who's responsible for bringing movies into Malaysia.

4) Got a proton wira that's unofficially mine. (unofficially mine because mom said it's hers, but I always use it, so it's practically mine)

5) MUET was okay. Met a girl during the speaking test, 3 years older than me. She was quite fun to hang with. But MUET's over, so I'll probably not gonna meet her again which pretty much sucks.

6) Got 3.67 gpa for my first semester. Hell Yeah! The dream lives on. =D

7) Finished 2 books, The Girl in the Mirror by Cathy Glass and Room by Emma Donoghue.
Both was a pleasant read, but I liked Room better.
Totally recommended.

Yeah, that's about it.

How bout you guys?