Wednesday, March 27, 2013


What once was a beautiful city,
Bustling with activity,
Filled with vitality,
Tis now but a desert,
Decayed beyond recognition,
An empty shell of what it used to be,
A place stripped of its former glory,
A sea of sand out to the four corners of the horizon,
Sand as far as your eyes could take you,
And you are in the midst of it all,
The sun burns unmercifully above,
Your lips chapped,
Your very lungs betray you,
With every breath exhaled,
Steals what very scarce water is left within,
And you crawl,
For your legs can no longer carry you,
The gravity, so thick in the heat,
Pins you on the desert floor,
And even in these bleak conditions,
Without even a slight chance of recovery,
Your brain cannot help but project mirages,
Of oasis full of lush greeneries,
Water as blue and as vast as the cloudless sky above you,
And you crawl, ever so slowly,
To that oasis that is just.. just a bit further,
Almost there.. almost..
It is.. within.. reach….
Forward you go,
Millimetre by millimetre,
Inching closer and closer,
But in reality never getting any nearer,
Even in such bleak situations,
Your brain can do nothing but hope,
Deceiving you that you.. almost got it.

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